Strategic Link Announces Exclusive Partnership with Flybits


Strategic Link has partnered with Canadian fintech startup, Flybits, to offer micro-personalized experiences, powered by contextual intelligence. Context affects every decision people make in their lives, and Flybits is able to harness its power by fusing it with data to create significantly more relevant experiences that provide greater value for credit union members.

“Flybits offers personalized services that Northwest credit unions and their members will benefit from through a platform that can be easily integrated within three months,” said Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources with the Northwest Credit Union Association. “We are pleased to offer Flybits’ services to our member credit unions.”

Creating more meaningful and micro-personalized experiences starts with data. Flybits enables organizations to build sophisticated data ecosystems that can leverage contextual intelligence. It  facilitates this process by simplifying the aggregation and normalization of disparate sources of public and proprietary data, all while ensuring the highest standard of privacy.

Flybits Concierge is then incorporated into a credit union’s digital channels, offering a customer-facing application that can deliver contextually personalized experiences. Northwest credit unions will be able to manage the creation and delivery of these experiences quickly through Flybits Experience Studio, a powerful and easy-to-use platform. Patented artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are also available to help design and optimize experiences. This end-to-end solution is scalable and can be launched within 90 days.

A major bank in Latin America saw a 164 percent increase in offer redemption upon personalizing their customer experiences through profile information and navigational behavior with Flybits. Additionally, a large North American bank leveraged Flybits’ technology and saw a 43 percent increase in user engagement.

Results like these, bolstered by the 17 patents held by the company, are clear examples of how Flybits is able to help credit unions deliver sophisticated and evolving engagement programs for their customers.

To learn more about how Flybits can help your credit union, reach out to Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources.

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