Search for Washington State’s DFI Director of Credit Unions Narrowed to Six Candidates


The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions is searching for a new Director of Credit Unions to replace the retiring Linda Jekelwho held the position for 16 years. 

The new Director will become leader of the public agency that examines and supervises state credit unions for safety and soundness and compliance with applicable credit union law in order to protect members’ financial interests.

“The Washington Division of Credit Unions derives their authority from the Washington Credit Union Act,” said Northwest Credit Union Association AVP of Regulatory Advocacy, John Trull. “The Division of Credit Unions is responsible for exercising authority that safeguards trust between credit unions and the individuals and businesses that credit unions serve.”

An industry panel was formed to aid in the selection process. The panel’s input will be considered before the agency makes its final decision.

The Washington State DFI has selected six highly qualified applicants comprised of two internal candidates, five candidates from Washington, and one out-of-state candidate. A new director is expected to be named by Oct. 1 and will step into the role by Nov. 1.

“The Washington DFI’s relationship to the public, the Association, and our Washington state chartered credit unions is grounded in respect and trust in the Director of Credit Unions program,” Trull said. “The public’s perspective in the hiring process is represented by the agency and the executive branch appointee that heads the Division of Financial Institutions. We will not always agree, but the Director must demonstrate that he or she is informed by data and information, that he or she will communicate the reasoning for their decisions, stand up for the rule of law, and apply regulations in a fair and consistent manner.”

Editor’s note: Stay tuned to Anthem for an update when the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions announces a new Director of Credit Unions.

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