Gravity Payments is Helping Credit Unions Grow Merchant Services


Unlike big banks, credit unions are deeply embedded in their local community, with an authentic and deep-rooted interest in the livelihood and success of their members’ businesses. After all, credit unions don’t have customers, they have members who are friends and neighbors.

But many credit unions are missing the opportunity to offer a service vital to nearly every type of business, which large banking institutions already offer.

That offering is merchant services (think credit card processing, Point of Sale systems, and eCommerce).

Accepting credit cards is mandatory for practically every type of business. Though large corporate banks offer this service congruent with their other practices, they typically charge some of the highest fees in the industry. They also offer some of the worst customer support, unless it’s a preferred client.

Adding merchant services to your offering can be easy and a great way to add-value, increase member loyalty, and open up a new and automatic revenue stream. But it’s vital you choose a partner who has the same values you do, otherwise you risk compromising your members’ experience and chances for success.

Founded here in the Northwest, Gravity Payments has earned a solid reputation standing up for local businesses against the predatory practices that run rampant in the credit card industry.

Gravity Payments is trusted by over 20,000 independent businesses in communities across all 50 states.

“We are excited to recommend Gravity Payments for merchant services as they understand the Credit Union Movement and their respective members’ needs,” said Jason Smith, Northwest Credit Union Association VP of Strategic Services.

Hard working local business owners are real-life heroes to those at Gravity, which offers 24/7 human support, transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and a consultative style approach to find the absolute best solution for their business. It’s why Gravity keeps clients over five times longer than the industry average.

Gravity also offers free Point of Sale system consultation, working capital programs for quick access to funding, and gift card and loyalty programs.

To learn more about how Gravity Payments can assist your credit union join our webinar on Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. to noon PST. Click here to register.

For more information on Gravity Payments please contact Corina Ruiz at or (206) 295-5731.

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