Southwest WA Chapter of Credit Unions Makes Learning Fun with Web-based Micro-courses


Credit Union Chapters are an important component to the Credit Union Movement, working with the Northwest Credit Union Association to support advocates at the local level and as a means for publicizing the benefits of the movement in each chapter’s respective areas.

Guided by the pillars of Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Philosophy in Action (or LEAP), the Southwest Washington Chapter is making a big difference in credit union staff education by going small, offering online mini-learning sessions, or micro-courses, on a variety of credit union and personal finance topics.

The courses were created by Southwest WA Chapter members Heetan Parmar of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, and Max Santino of iQ Credit Union, to help credit union staff learn in short sessions that deliver the lesson — and the learning — quickly.

“Individual credit unions do a fantastic job of covering the history of their own institution and training their staff on policies and procedures, but a broader knowledge of credit unions is helpful for those new to the industry,” Parmar said. To date, the micro-courses have covered topics including the Credit Union Difference, Test Your Budget, and the History of Credit Unions.

The Credit Union Difference micro-course illustrates what it means to be part of the Credit Union Movement. The course walks the participant through the perks of being a member and explains how credit unions are expanding their reach across the globe.

In the Test Your Budget micro-course, participants input expenses and follow a series of life decisions that lead to an unpredictable consequence where they either gain or lose funds. At course completion, they see how well they budgeted.

“The newest micro-course covers the history of Credit Unions and where we all started,” Santino added.

It inspires credit union professionals through a historical lens, providing perspective on the movement’s foundation and roots.

One additional micro-course, still in development, is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The chapter hopes that credit union staff will gain helpful information that’s delivered in a fun and easy way,” Santino said. “We are always testing out different ideas and topics to keep our participants knowledgeable and engaged.”

In addition to bolstering their skills and knowledge, participants have the opportunity to win prizes upon completion of each course by marking their participation on the Southwest WA Chapter website.

To take the Credit Union History course, visit the micro-course website. For questions or to receive information on how to share this material with your credit union, please fill out the contact form.

Editor’s note: Find out which chapters have demonstrated excellence and noteworthy achievements at the NWCUA’s Award Dinner & Gala, taking place during MAXX 2018 on Oct. 18 in Tacoma, Wash. Click here for more information and to register.

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