Unitus Launches New Savings Product


Unitus Community Credit Union has introduced Go Savings, a high-yield account designed to help members save more money at all stages of life, from young professionals to those approaching retirement.

The program differs from the traditional savings model by offering the highest rates of return for the lowest balances, and continues to yield a high rate of return, relative to the marketplace, for high balances.

According to Unitus President and CEO Steve Stapp, the new product focuses on all members’ ability to grow their savings accounts for increased financial stability.

“Banks and other financial institutions are traditionally incentivized to give more back to those who have high balances. While this makes sense from a bottom-line business perspective, it can make it more difficult for people to build a foundation for themselves and their loved ones. Saving money is the backbone we need to live our best lives,” Stapp said.

Go Savings offers high returns, allowing members to get on track with savings, and continues to reward those who are established savers.

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