Repo Remarketing Introduces new Sister Company, Capital Recovery Group, Inc.


Repo Remarketing’s parent company, Primeritus Financial Services (PFS), is already a leader in the recovery, skip tracing, and remarketing industries, but that doesn’t mean that the growth has to stop there.

Throughout the last few years, Primeritus has brought on a handful of acquisitions, creating the ultimate power company. It acquired Repo Remarketing in 2014, Roquemore and Roquemore in 2016, and Global Investigative Services in 2017. We are halfway through 2018 and Primeritus has done it again by bringing on Capital Recovery Group (CRG).

Founded by Nic Spallas, Adam Jones, and Dennis Louderback in 2007, and a proud partner of National Powersport Auctions (NPA), Capital Recovery Group specializes in the repossession, skiptracing, and remarketing of powersports in all phases of delinquency.

Based in Tucson, Ariz., Capital Recovery Group is the largest nationwide provider of its kind with the highest recovery rates. Repo Remarketing is excited to announce this new partnership, not only because CRG provides exceptional service, but also to introduce a team that is dedicated to this unique field. The team will make the company even stronger and provide excellent services to credit union partners.

“We are very selective when considering potential acquisition targets, evaluating many different aspects of the company,” said Scott Peters, President and CEO of Primeritus. “We were very impressed when we talked to the team at CRG and knew right away that this would be a great addition to the Primeritus Family of Companies.”

Chris McGinness, SVP of Operations for Primeritus, added, “CRG has an excellent reputation within the powersports industry. We look forward to working with their team to enhance their service offerings and continue to drive innovation, compliance, and efficiency for CRG’s and Primeritus’ clients.”

“While Primeritus has a presence in the powersports market, this acquisition allows us to grow our footprint significantly in this arena,” McGinness added.

Dennis Louderback, Vice President and General Manager of CRG added, “We are delighted to join Primeritus, which is the leader in the recovery, skip tracing, and remarketing services industries. And we look forward to moving our company toward a new level of quality and service.”

CRG will undergo a name change and will soon be known as Find Track Locate, Inc.

For more information on how Repo Remarketing and Capital Recovery Group can assist you with your powersports needs, contact NWCUA’s Strategic Partnerships Manager Corina Ruiz at

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