Forbes Releases List of Best Credit Unions in the U.S.


Several Northwest credit unions recently received national attention after being featured in the June 28 Forbes article, “The Best Banks and Credit Unions in Every State.”

In total, 145 credit unions nationwide made the final list after 25,000 customers were surveyed about their banking experiences. The rankings were based on overall recommendations and satisfaction, as well as trust, terms and conditions, branch and digital services, and financial advice.

“Final scores ranged from 40 to 95.4…” the Forbes article stated. “Credit unions, which are member-owned financial cooperatives, outpaced banks with an average score of 80 versus 75.2 for banks.”

Here are the credit unions in the Northwest that were named in the Forbes article:


  • Clarity Credit Union
  • Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU)
  • P1FCU
  • Mountain America Credit Union (Headquartered in Utah but has several Idaho branches.)


  • Rogue Credit Union
  • Northwest Community Credit Union
  • First Community Credit Union
  • First Technology Credit Union
  • OnPoint Community Credit Union


  • HAPO Community Credit Union
  • Columbia Credit Union
  • Sound Credit Union
  • Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU)
  • O Bee Credit Union


  • Alaska USA

What They’re Saying

Clarity Credit Union: “We couldn’t be prouder to work with such an amazing team and serve such awesome members! The ranking speaks to the culture of service our employees exhibit each and every day!” – Nick Fugal, CFO

Mountain America Credit Union: “This speaks to our team’s commitment to put members first by guiding them on the right path to identify and achieve their financial dreams. We help our members on their financial journey by providing world-class member service, sound personalized advice, quality products and services for consumers and businesses, and cutting-edge technology.” – Sterling Nielsen, President and CEO

First Community Credit Union: “We are honored and humbled by our membership’s response in the Forbes survey. We believe deeply in the credit union philosophy to put people before profits. The financial well-being of our members is the driving force behind everything we do. Helping members reach their financial goals must always come first.” – David Elmer, President and CEO

Rogue Credit Union: “Rogue is honored to be recognized as a top performer when compared to other credit unions around the country As I tell our team often, trust is the currency of our success. When your focus is on taking care of your members, everything else takes care of itself.” – Gene Pelham, President and CEO

Northwest Community Credit Union: “I’ve often said that the integrity, passion, know-how, and kindness of our employees is why we’re one of the region’s most respected credit unions. This ranking reflects that our employees guide the member personally to discover financial solutions, to help them achieve their dreams, or to simply experience a sense of financial security.” – John D. Iglesias, President and CEO

HAPO Community Credit Union: “To be recognized in Forbes is quite something. The 400 people who work at HAPO are amazing. Our focus is not on trying to be the biggest. We focus on how to stay the best choice for banking solutions for people.” – Steve Anderson, President and CEO.

Columbia Credit Union: “Our core values include being purposeful around financial strength. It appears our long-term, unwavering commitment to being a strong and healthy organization, adhering to our core values to generate member value, trust and loyalty, is now being recognized on a national level.” – Steve Kenny, President and CEO

O Bee Credit Union: “It is an honor being on Forbes’ list. This proves that you do not have to be a billion-dollar credit union to do great things for your members. It’s the passion and creativity from our staff that makes us this award-winning credit union.” – James Collins, CEO

WECU: “We are honored to be recognized by Forbes as one of the nation’s best credit unions. This is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to doing what’s right for our membership.” – David Jones, CMO

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