NWCUA Celebrates Excellence at the MAXX 2018 Convention Awards Program


Every year, the Northwest Credit Union Association recognizes its members’ outstanding achievements at the MAXX Awards Dinner and Gala.

This year, the Association added two new awards, “Members on Main Street” and “Cooperation in Action.”

“We wanted to celebrate the important work credit unions do every day to live the CU difference, so we added the “Members on Main Street” award,” said Christine Ruzzi, Director, Member Resources. “It will honor the specific local, social, and economic ties of Northwest credit unions to their members.

The “Members on Main Street” award recognizes one credit union for an initiative that clearly acknowledges and serves the specific character of its members.

Northwest Micro-Communities will be recognized for the collaborative roles they play advancing the Credit Union Movement with the “Cooperation in Action” award, which will recognize two or more credit unions or professionals working together in the spirit of cooperation and the impressive results arising from collaboration.

“As we recognize and celebrate these important initiatives, we are also working toward our goal of 75 percent market share by 2025,” Ruzzi said.

The NWCUA encourages its members to nominate for these two new awards, as well as for the Summit Awards and CUNA Awards. More information on each award may be found here. All entries are due by June 25. This year’s MAXX Convention runs from Oct. 16-18 in Tacoma, Wash.

The NWCUA Summit Awards category includes:

CUNA Award categories include:

Micro-Communities in Action Award categories include:

Editor’s note: Questions about the 2018 NWCUA Awards Program? Contact Christine Ruzzi, Director, Member Resources, by emailing cruzzi@nwcua.org or by calling 503.350.2206.

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