NWCUA Collaborates in Inaugural Launch of CUNA & League Compliance Communities


After successful beta testing, your Association and two other leagues have joined CUNA for the inaugural launch of CUNA & League Compliance Communities. These new online communities include NWCUA and are an extension of the CUNA Compliance Community. The goals of the League Compliance Communities focus on providing an online hub for compliance professionals to connect, work together, share resources, and become better informed about state-level credit union regulations.

In addition to NWCUA, leagues joining CUNA in releasing these new CUNA & League Compliance Communities are:

  • Mountain West Credit Union Association
  • Credit Union Association of The Dakotas

CUNA acknowledges that these league associations assisted in developing the pilot and launch of the communities to bring state-level connections and information to credit union compliance professionals.

“The league-level compliance community not only allows for compliance professionals to ask questions of their peers but also serves as a great tool for the leagues to interact with their members and provide information in a quick and easy-to-use format,” said David Curtis, NWCUA’s Director of Compliance Services. “Having a way for our NWCUA members to leverage that knowledge is crucial in this ever-changing world we live in. The pace of change just keeps getting faster.”

The league communities provide many resources for compliance professionals. Some of these benefits include:

  • A compliance blog offering statewide compliance experts who provide knowledge regarding common credit union issues and state-level interpretations of regulations, as well as clarification on hot topics, and the most frequently asked compliance question.
  • The discussion board that focuses on state-level networking and collaboration.
  • A document library for members and leagues to share policies, best practices, and other important material.
  • Events posted by individual leagues allowing members to download events directly to their Outlook calendars.
  • Multistate access so credit unions can take advantage of the communities related to all the states in which they serve members.

Curtis believes that the formation of league compliance communities strengthens all NWCUA members, as well as the other league communities and their members.

“As many of us know, there is great power in the wealth of knowledge held by the compliance professionals of our member credit unions in every league. Every time there is a meeting of these professionals, it is easy to add up hundreds of years of compliance and operational experience,” Curtis said.

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