Gravity Payments – Merchant Services Putting People above Profits


The merchant services and credit/debit card-processing industry can be confusing to independent business owners and engage in practices not in their best interests. Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price first discovered this truth as a young musician playing in coffee shops in rural Idaho.

A friend who owned a coffee shop had complained to him about rising rates for credit and debit card processing. Wanting to help, Price investigated, and successfully helped his business-owner friend lower her rates. He recognized a need for a more efficient solution and increased support for processing services, and developed Seattle-based Gravity Payments, with a mission to help small business owners.

Gravity eschews the practice of confusing independent business owners with industry jargon or hidden fees and, instead, places honesty, transparency, and integrity at the forefront of its business philosophy. These simple values have set Gravity Payments apart from many other processors, making it the most trusted name in the payment industry.

Gravity Payments partners with like-minded financial institutions across the Northwest and offers a wide breadth of services including credit/debit card processing, ecommerce, working capital, and point-of-sale supported by the highest level of security and cutting-edge technology. Today, Gravity Payments partners with credit unions across the region to bring value and excellent service to their members.

Questions about our Strategic Link partnership with Gravity Payments? Contact NWCUA’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, Corina Ruiz

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