Credit Unions’ Vital Signs Indicate Overall Health


Credit Unions have vital signs, which indicate the overall financial health of the institution. Optimally, every credit union’s indicators are well within the healthy range, however, even slight changes can affect the overall vitality, throwing it off balance.

TCT Risk Solutions has developed a robust KFI report that focuses on specific vital signs, and any sign that is outside the healthy range is highlighted in either yellow or red on the report. Yellow means the indicator is just outside the range, while red signifies a significant problem.

Over time, these indicators pose a significant risk to the financial health of the credit union. TCT offers solutions to bring these indicators back to a healthy level to support the strength of your credit union.

You’re invited to a webinar hosted by NWCUA and TCT Risk Solutions on June 12. Credit union employees who attend the webinar will be able to review a customized Vital Signs Report during the session in order to gain a better understanding of their credit union’s overall financial health.

Register online.

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