CU 2.0 Offers a Webinar to Help NWCUA Credit Unions Remain Relevant in the Digital Age


Credit Union 2.0, your Strategic Link partner, provides the tools, strategy, and personalized playbooks to help credit unions stay on top of digital offerings that resonate in the marketplace.

CU 2.0 Chief Revenue Officer Chris Otey says that organizations must be proactive in order to provide their members with the newest digital products.

“The confluence of massive data availability, new digital technologies, an expanding competitive landscape, and consumer expectations that are increasing exponentially, makes it clear that no organization can sit back hoping that we can relive the past,” said Otey.

With that in mind CU 2.0 created a webinar to help credit union leadership and employees learn how to stay relevant and top of mind with members by embracing and implementing digital technologies now available.

Let CU 2.0 help you navigate through the digital space with in-depth coaching and customized workshops. Register now for this important webinar and learn how CU 2.0 can help to join the webinar. Here is a convenient link.

Editor’s note: Questions about our Strategic Link partnership with CU 2.0? Contact NWCUA’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, Corina Ruiz at

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