Strategic Link’s Value Creation Task Force Adds Four New Partners


Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link team has spent years refining the People Helping People mission that defines the Credit Union Movement. Serving as a collaborative hub, Strategic Link focuses on connecting NWCUA member credit unions with business partners that provide solutions to save credit unions money, connect them with emerging trends, deliver cutting-edge technology, and create time-saving efficiencies, as well as many other products and services that add value to credit unions and their members.

Strategic Link partner companies have been carefully vetted and selected to offer the highest quality services and products for NWCUA credit unions. These efforts save NWCUA member credit unions valuable time and manpower by doing all the legwork as they seek the best and newest partners to provide quality products and services.

Recently, your Association’s Value Creation Task Force (VCTF), a group of high-level credit union executives, met to evaluate potential new partners. The group is uniquely positioned to assess business partners who can add to your efforts and offer solutions for you and your members.

Providence Credit Union Chief Operations Officer and VCTF Co-Chair Brett Wooden explains why Strategic Link is an important asset for NWCUA member credit unions.

“Value Creation Task Force members work with Strategic Link to find new vendors that can make our credit unions more efficient and member-friendly by improving our products and services, Wooden said. “Many vendors vetted by Strategic Link and the VCTF offer emerging technologies that will appeal to the ever-changing demands of today’s consumers. I have been very impressed by the caliber of many of our Strategic Link partners, and I look forward to seeing the ways that they will add value for members and propel us into the future.”

“We’re working hard to establish partnerships with companies that offer win-win relationships for credit unions and their members,” said Jason Smith, NWCUA Vice President of Strategic Resources. “We pride ourselves on choosing partners that will cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase net revenue.”

Here are the four companies that recently partnered with Strategic Link.

CU RateReset offers Knocknock, a disruptive digital solution that provides bilateral interaction between credit unions and their members to deliver “just-in-time offers,” based on real-time triggers. This technology empowers credit union members to reset existing loans electronically for instant approval within their credit union loan terms. It includes software that automates loan retention and a feature that empowers members to reset their existing auto or mortgage loan electronically. CU RateReset is a simple and easy way to allow credit union members to lower their monthly auto loan payments and reset the terms of their mortgage without the cost and hassle of refinancing.

SimplyCredit’s mission is to simplify and enhance credit access for Main Street America. The company enables consumers to refinance their high-cost credit card balances with partnering credit unions through a seamless mobile and web experience that takes only minutes to apply. With a SimplyCredit account, members can apply for a credit union personal line, enroll credit and store cards, schedule online payments and balance transfers, and obtain monthly reports and support. SimplyCredit’s credit union partners retain control over underwriting and make use of a free platform. The application rate for marketing campaigns has approached 6 percent and a partner grew lending by 4 percent in just three months. A SimplyCredit engagement can be rolled out in a few short weeks without lengthy integrations or setup. The toolkit, which is automated and free, includes a management dashboard that reports applications, balances, payments, and other vital business information.

Digital Onboarding Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology company focused on helping credit union members activate their financial services products. For credit unions, Digital Onboarding provides a fully automated member onboarding solution that is more efficient and effective than traditional phone calls, emails, direct mail, and print brochures, driving profit by increasing new member activation rates and ROI.

POPin Video Banking provides a SaaS solution that helps credit unions connect with members via video collaboration, a face-to-face video chat, during which representatives can share content, exchange documents, review contracts, and gather signatures. POPin can be deployed in-branch, on the web, or on mobile channels. With this service, credit union members can open new accounts, and apply for mortgages and loans from any location where they have an internet connection. POPin Video Banking is focused on creating the best FinTech solutions for credit unions and their members.

“We are excited to introduce these new recommended solutions to all credit unions in the Northwest. Let us know if you have an interest in hearing from them and we would be happy to schedule a conversation,” said Smith.

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