Legacy Scholarships Established in Memory of Former ICUL President Kathy Thomson


Kathy Thomson dedicated four decades of services to the Credit Union Movement. The scholarships established in her memory will help other credit union professionals to advance their careers.

For more than four decades, Kathy Thomson dedicated her career to the Idaho Credit Union League (ICUL), starting as a receptionist and learning virtually every facet of Credit Union Movement leadership before eventually becoming President and CEO.

During her 43 years of service to the ICUL, she earned such prestigious honors and designations as Credit Union Development Educator, Certified League Executive, and Director on the Board of the Credit Union House in Washington, D.C.

Thomson retired in early 2017 after helping to guide the ICUL’s management agreement with the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA). She passed away in January 2018.

In her memory, a group of generous sponsors established Legacy of Life & Learning Scholarships for Idaho credit union professionals. The scholarship program was announced at an April 25 event honoring Thomson.

“I hope that these scholarships will ignite the same passion she felt and that these scholarships will be a stepping stone for the credit union employees, managers, and league presidents of the future,” said Lynn Thomson, Kathy Thomson’s husband.

Two full scholarships are available for each of the following programs:

Picture of Kathy Thomson with Gov. Dirk Kempthorne

In her leadership role at the Idaho Credit Union League, Kathy Thomson stood up for credit unions and advocated for a better regulatory environment.

Applications are being accepted from May 1-Sept. 28, 2018. The 10 recipients will be notified Oct. 31.

Donors making the Kathy Thomson Legacy of Life & Learning Scholarships possible include:

  • American Association of Credit Union Leagues.
  • CUNA Mutual Group
  • Idaho Credit Union League
  • Montana’s Credit Unions
  • National Credit Union Foundation
  • Northwest Credit Union Association
  • Northwest Credit Union Foundation
  • Western CUNA Management School

“While no words will ever fully describe Kathy’s impact on the Credit Union Movement, the Legacy of Life & Learning scholarships memorialize her leadership in a manner celebrating her greatest passion—the development of future industry leaders,” said Troy Stang, President and CEO, NWCUA. “With the contributions of these generous donors, Idaho credit union employees can benefit and further commit their lives and careers to the Credit Union Movement.”

Questions about the Legacy of Life & Learning Scholarships? Please contact Kaitlin Ramos by emailing kramos@nwcua.org or by calling 503.350.2208.

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