A Sneak Peek at the Spring Small Credit Union Roundtable: What Successful Small Credit Unions Have in Common


For a combined 45 years, Scott Butterfield and Alison Carr have passionately helped credit unions to be sustainable and efficient. In Partnership since 2011, their business, Your Credit Union Partner, now serves 120 small credit unions, and is available to your credit union through Strategic Link.

Butterfield will share what he’s learned at the Northwest Credit Union Association’s (NWCUA) Small Credit Union Roundtable in Boise May 8. Butterfield says many of Your Credit Union Partner’s clients have been recognized nationally for their best practices.

“Two things these successful credit unions have in common are first, a willingness to adapt or change and second, they are very successful lenders,” said Butterfield. “During the Roundtable, we talk more about these best practices, the changes these great leaders made, and how they became competitive lenders.”

Butterfield will also answer attendees’ questions about National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) grants, which he says every Low Income Designed credit union should apply for—every time.

“These small grants make a big difference in helping small credit unions keep up with security, technology and HR development,” said Butterfield. “The grants are easy to apply for, so it makes sense to apply each time.”

Another benefit small credit union leaders get when they step away from the office to the attend the Small Credit Union Roundtable is camaraderie and encouragement—very important to hard working executives who are often overworked and under resourced.

“If you are tired or discouraged, I recommend a couple of things,” Butterfield said. “Consider the thousands of people your credit union and your team have helped over the years. They are better off because of you. Remind yourself that what you do makes a difference. There are a lot of consumers that would not be taken care of if your small credit union went away. Also, look for best practices, learn from them and have hope. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are workable solutions to some of the problems you face. You’ll also learn that there are a lot of things that you are doing very well and that will help with your confidence.”

Editor’s note. More information about the agenda for the Small Credit Union Roundtable is available online. Registration is open now.

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