It’s a Wrap. Idaho Advocacy Army Meets its 2018 Legislative Goals


More than 100 credit union advocates joined your Association for CU Day at the Capitol Jan. 30. But their work began months before the session started and continued until the Legislature gaveled out.

The Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) and member credit unions maintained several key priorities for the 2018 Idaho legislative session including updates to the Credit Union Act, and prevention of new and burdensome regulations.  Mission accomplished, thanks to collaboration between the NWCUA Advocacy Team, member credit unions, and state regulators and legislators.

By the time the Idaho Legislature adjourned March 28, lawmakers had considered 559 bills and 76 resolutions.

More than two dozen of them were of importance to credit unions.

“Credit union advocates worked tirelessly with us, beginning last spring when the Idaho Governmental Affairs Committee and the State Issues Work Group reviewed existing laws and made recommendations,” said Ryan Fitzgerald, Vice President, Legislative Affairs for Idaho. “The Idaho Credit Union League Board approved the ambitious agenda, and we are very pleased to announce that all the goals were met.”

In addition to passing legislation updating the Idaho Credit Union Act for the first time in two decades, your Association and credit union advocates saw success with bills addressing:

  • Lienholder Notification on Law Enforcement/Public Towing;
  • Consumer Reporting Agency-Security Freeze Fees;
  • Tax Conformity/Individual & Corporate Tax Reduction/Child Care Credit; and
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture.

The NWCUA Compliance Team is preparing detailed analysis of the bills and their impact on credit unions, Fitzgerald noted.

A comprehensive report on the 2018 Idaho Legislature is available online to NWCUA member credit unions.

Editor’s note: Questions about the 2018 legislative session or ideas about the 2019 policy advancement agenda? Contact Ryan Fitzgerald, Vice President, Legislative Affairs for Idaho.

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