A World Council Opportunity to “Future Vision” Brazil’s CU System


Brazil’s SICREDI CU system is admired for collaborative branding, personnel, and technology solutions. WOCCU is offering American credit unions a Brazil Study Program in June.

With more than 50 percent market share, it’s clear Northwest credit unions are effective serving their members with best-in-class services, products, and community impact.

That’s impressive to be sure. But what if they could do even better?

Think Brazil.

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is offering a front row seat for American credit union professionals to learn from Brazil’s SICREDI system, a sustainable model for collaboration in branding, financial performance, and member services.

Steven Stapp, President/CEO of Portland-based Unitus Community Credit Union, has a passion for strengthening the credit union system through international collaboration. He is also Vice Chair of the WOCCU Board of Directors.

“Brazil and the SICREDI CU system is one of the fastest growing credit union networks in the world,” Sapp said.  “They have been able to bring credit unions under one umbrella to gain efficiencies in marketing, data processing, operations, and inter-network cooperation.  They have innovative approaches to serving rural areas, reaching youth and millennial markets, and developing leadership opportunities for women.”

Stapp believes that in addition to the learning opportunities for credit unions, being part of the Brazil study program could be transformative for professionals.

“More than any other conference or event, this study tour has the potential to change your perspective as it gives an individual a glimpse into why credit unions started.,” Stapp said. “SICREDI, although a large credit union system, has a very focused social mission and is responding to social economic challenges of their community and improving the lives of individuals.  The Brazil Study Program provides individuals an opportunity to share their knowledge of the credit union system and to learn that there are other approaches in creating this social movement.”

Applications are now being accepted for WOCCU’s June 10-16 Brazil Study Program. More information can be found online.

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