USAgencies CU Accepts Mission to Get Its Community #CUobsessed


Last week, USAgencies Credit Union employees embarked on a mission to connect with potential members, and motivate current members to share why credit unions are the better choice in the financial services marketplace. In a Mission Possible-themed staff meeting, the team was armed with a tool to help them achieve this mission: the credit union’s reimagined, #CUobsessed refer-a-member program.

The refer-a-member program works like this: When a current member refers a new member to USAgencies Credit Union, if the referred member opens a checking account, sets up a $250 direct deposit, and signs up for eStatements within 60 days, the credit union will deposit $25 into both the referred member and the referring member’s accounts. There’s no limit to how many people a member can refer.

“This is the first time we’ve launched a year-long campaign like this, and we had a lot of fun rolling it out to our staff,” said Kasey Rockwell, Director of Credit Union Relations at USAgencies Credit Union.

Boxes marked “Top Secret” — complete with a magnifying glass, #CUobsessed t-shirt, and materials explaining the program — awaited each team member in the conference room. USAgencies invited NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang to kick off the program launch meeting with a presentation on the Credit Union Difference, goals for the Northwest Credit Union Movement, and how leveraging #CUobsessed can help credit unions achieve those goals.

“We are excited to have the #CUobsessed platform as a tool to help energize our staff and educate consumers about the benefits they receive when joining a credit union,” said Jim Lumpkin, President and CEO of USAgencies Credit Union.

USAgencies Credit Union employees adopted the #CUobsessed mission with enthusiasm, and were eager to bring their ideas to spread the message to the table. Concepts discussed during the meeting included airing #CUobsessed member testimonials on branch TV screens, targeting millennials on social media, and creating quick-reference talking points for staff about USAagencies Credit Union’s unique structure, value, and impact.

The credit union will run a drawing for referring members, giving away one #CUobsessed t-shirt every month. Also as part of the program, staff are encouraged to wear jeans and #CUobsessed t-shirts every other Friday.

“We gave the shirts out at the staff meeting, and we’re already seeing conversations happening, people on the street asking our staff what #CUobsessed means,” Rockwell said.

The program is designed to help USAgencies Credit Union achieve its strategic goal to increase membership this year, but the team also is excited to engage in a larger goal for Northwest credit unions: achieving 75 percent market share by 2025.

“Troy’s presentation helped show our team the passion behind #CUobsessed, and reiterate that it is bigger than just a promotion our credit union is doing — it’s a regional movement,” Rockwell said.

How are you starting the conversation about why credit unions are different and the better choice for consumers? Click here to learn more about #CUobsessed, and tell us about your obsession with the Credit Union Movement and your love for your members.

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