Grow Your CU With More Effective Decision-Making Techniques

In late 2017, the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link launched a partnership designed to help Northwest credit unions discover and navigate growth strategies, including collaborations, joint ventures, partnerships, and alliances. The new partner is Capstone Strategic, Inc., a firm with a successful record of facilitating strategic growth programs for credit unions and deals for CUSOs, as well as for companies in the for-profit world.

Member credit unions will soon have the opportunity to get a taste of Capstone’s advisory expertise. On Feb. 22, the company is hosting a free webinar to teach Northwest credit union professionals how to make educated decisions and generate innovative ideas to drive their credit unions’ growth.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to:

  • Gather and analyze relevant information
  • Make educated decisions based on data
  • Evaluate and prioritize choices
  • Use a proven process for effective decision-making
  • Apply practical tools to their organizations
  • Use critical thinking to turn ideas into action

Through this webinar, Capstone seeks to ensure credit union professionals have the right skills and tools at their disposal to turn challenges into opportunities. Click here to register.

Questions about Strategic Link’s partnership with Capstone Strategic, Inc.? Contact Jason Smith, Northwest Credit Union Association’s Vice President, Strategic Resources, at

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