Create Your Credit Union’s Advocacy Game Plan With TEAM


No matter what your role is at your credit union, the work you do every day is essential to driving the Credit Union Movement forward. Your Association’s latest advocacy program, called The Employee Activation Movement (TEAM), is designed to help each of the Northwest’s 20,000-plus credit union employees comprehend the true scope of their impact on the communities they serve, and on the credit union industry’s future.

Announced at the 2017 MAXX Convention, TEAM is program that provides credit unions with messaging documents and resources to help their employees understand how and why credit unions came to be, explain the Credit Union Difference, and mobilize on important legislative priorities. This month, the first round of TEAM messaging will go out to the credit unions that have signed up to be part of the program.

“We’re excited to bring the new messaging to the 20 credit unions that have expressed their interest in the program so far,” said Samantha Beeler, NWCUA’s AVP, Advocacy. “Grassroots engagement is vital to our advocacy efforts at both the state and federal levels, and to improving the operating environment for credit unions. With TEAM, we hope to help credit union staff feel more connected to the Movement they’re part of, and show them why their work is so important not only to the health of their credit union, but also to their communities.”

TEAM members will not only receive guidance about how to customize and share educational and activation messages with their employees, but they will also receive regular TEAM Engagement Reports. These reports will help the credit unions build on and improve their advocacy communications, and ultimately get employees more comfortable starting conversations with members, potential members, and policymakers about what makes not-for-profit, cooperative credit unions the better choice in the financial services marketplace.

Interested in becoming part of TEAM? To get started, member credit unions should contact Samantha Beeler at or (503) 412-8705. Beeler and the advocacy team will work with your credit union to adapt and leverage this messaging to develop your credit union’s advocacy engagement plan.

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