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NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang presenting to the Our Community Credit Union team

During an all-day staff training on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Our Community Credit Union (OCCU) team in Shelton, WA, was hard at work improving services for their members and expanding their understanding of the unique value credit unions deliver to the community.

NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang shared a part of the day with OCCU’s 95 staff members, sharing the core of the Credit Union Difference, and reigniting the CU professionals’ obsession for the movement.

Sharing data from ECONorthwest’s economic impact report, Stang illustrated the positive impact credit unions make in their communities as a result of their not-for-profit, cooperative structure.

“As cooperatives, credit unions exist solely to serve their members. Our cooperative structure allows us to return direct financial benefits to members, but the fact is, all consumers benefit by having credit unions in the marketplace,” Stang said. “In Washington alone, credit unions delivered more than $369 million in direct financial benefits to their 3.5 million members last year. When those benefits were reinvested back into the members’ communities, the ripple effect buying power was more than $413 million.”

Stang also shared key credit union priorities and the landscape for the 2018 legislative session. He encouraged OCCU team members to get involved in credit union advocacy by attending events (such as the upcoming Credit Union Days at the Capitol, or CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference), participating in TEAM, Project Zip Code, and CULAC, and answering the Association’s regular calls to action.

Finally, he emphasized how every credit union staff member plays the integral role of creating awareness of and belief in credit unions as the best financial services option.

“A world in which every consumer and elected official can articulate the credit union difference begins with you,” Stang said. “It’s up to you to share with every member you serve, as well as your friends and your neighbors, how our cooperative model benefits them. It’s up to you to start the conversation about how credit unions put members in control, and why credit union membership is a savvy choice. It’s only through the commitment of each and every one the Northwest’s more than 20,000 credit union employees that we can achieve the goal of 75 percent market share by 2025.”

How are you starting the conversation about why credit unions are different and the better choice for consumers? Click here to learn more about #CUobsessed, and tell us about your obsession with the Credit Union Movement and your love for your members.

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