The Latest News on ADA Compliance for Credit Unions


Credit unions across the nation are facing increased legal threats due to confusion over website compliance with the ADA. To help credit unions better understand and address these threats, CUNA and CUNA Mutual staff are hosting a webinar this week with the latest updates. Attendance at this webinar will be particularly beneficial for credit union CEOs and compliance staff.

Click here to register now for the free webinar, scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 18, from 12 to 12:45 p.m. (PT).

Speakers at the webinar will include:

  • Ryan Donovan, CUNA chief advocacy officer;
  • Jared Ihrig, CUNA chief compliance officer;
  • Carlos Molina, CUNA Mutual risk management consultant; and
  • Leah Dempsey, CUNA senior director of advocacy and counsel.

CUNA also launched an ADA advocacy page this month, and this year’s CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference will feature a breakout session dedicated to advising credit unions about these threats.

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