NCUA Data Shows Continued Growth for Northwest Credit Unions


State-level data recently released by the NCUA revealed good news for credit unions across the country, and the Northwest region enjoyed much of the spotlight.

According to the NCUA’s Quarterly U.S. Map Review, median loan growth at the national level was at 5 percent by the end of the third quarter, showing a faster growth rate than a year earlier. Median asset growth was 2.9 percent nationally, the median rate of growth in deposits and shares was 2.8 percent, and the median loans-to-shares ratio was 65 percent.

“Northwest credit unions continue to lead the way in growth,” said John Trull, NWCUA’s AVP, Regulatory Advocacy. “In several key metrics, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington rank among the highest performers in the nation.”

Following are the highlights for Northwest credit unions from the report:

  • Asset growth: At 8.3 percent, Idaho claimed the highest asset growth percentage in the country. Oregon achieved the third spot on the list at just over 6 percent.
  • Deposit growth: Washington was the only state in the nation that saw deposit growth of greater than 6 percent. Oregon and Idaho were among a handful of states that saw deposit growth between 4 and 6 percent.
  • Membership: Washington had the second-highest membership growth in the nation at 2.4 percent. Idaho and Oregon were also top performers in this category, both reaching the top 10.
  • Loans: At 11.8 percent, Oregon had the second highest loan growth in the nation. Washington and Idaho were also among the 11 states that had loan growth of greater than 11 percent. Oregon also had the lowest median delinquency rate at .31 percent. Notably, more than half of Idaho credit unions were 90 percent loaned out. The state led the nation in this distinction, standing in contrast to the 65 percent national average.
  • Return on average assets: Washington, Oregon, and Idaho all ranked in the top 10 in return on average assets.
  • Net income: In Oregon, 97 percent of credit unions had positive net income for the year. More than 85 percent of credit unions in Idaho and Washington were profitable through the first three quarters.

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