Amazon is Changing Your Members’ Expectations: Here’s How to Meet Them


The speed of digital innovation has increased drastically, demanding that credit unions evolve faster than ever before to meet member expectations. These expectations are being set not only by your peers in the financial services industry, but also by companies like Amazon and Uber. Because of their familiarity with these companies, your members may believe a credit union is not only a place they visit, but also a convenient experience you should deliver to them, wherever they are.

On Jan. 10, at 11 a.m. PT/noon MT, Dr. Siva G. Narendra, CEO of Tyfone, and Josh DeTar, Tyfone’s Sales Manager, will host a webinar discussing the pace of innovation, and how credit unions can leverage it to deliver exceptional experiences to members. The webinar will also address why hands-free voice banking is becoming increasingly vital to a credit union’s strategy.

Tyfone is one of the NWCUA’s latest Strategic Link partners, helping credit unions in the Northwest apply innovative trends and technology to better serve members. Tyfone’s products enable credit unions to leverage smart watches, smart speakers, and every technology in between. Tyfone’s newest product, Voice Banking, is a prime example of their inventive approach. Voice Banking essentially enables credit unions to put a branch in every member’s home. Members can ask Alexa how much money they have in their accounts or when a bill is due, pay a bill, transfer money, and more.

“The people at Tyfone are knowledgeable, and offer a robust solution to help our member credit unions with their digital transformations,” said Jason Smith, NWCUA’s Vice President of Strategic Resources. “Innovations in digital banking are crucial to remaining competitive in the ever-changing financial services landscape. We’re excited to welcome a company focused on helping Northwest credit unions remain relevant as we strive to achieve 75 percent market share by 2025.”

While providing digital access to your credit union’s services is a key part of creating a positive brand experience, your reputation also relies heavily on digital security. In a post-Equifax world, it’s clear that digital security is often fragmented. Tyfone’s omnichannel security, backed by more than 130 cyber security patents, enables you to create a digital banking experience your members will love and can trust.

Register here to learn how technology and innovation can be a great equalizer for credit unions of any size, and to see a live demo of Tyfone’s hands-free Voice Banking technology.

Questions about NWCUA’s Strategic Link partnership with Tyfone? Contact Jason Smith, NWCUA’s Vice President, Strategic Resources, at

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