Strategic Link, Abe AI Partnership Connects Northwest Credit Unions With AI-Powered Solutions


Abe AI, the Northwest Credit Union Association’s latest Strategic Link partner, seeks to give Northwest credit unions a competitive edge in the evolving digital banking landscape by offering them the opportunity to use AI-powered technology to support members.

On Dec. 14 at 11AM PT/12p MT, Abe AI co-founder and COO Keith Armstrong will host a webinar to show you how easy it is to get started using AI on popular conversational channels.

Abe AI provides chatbot solutions for credit unions, helping them intelligently engage customers on popular conversational interfaces including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more. Abe AI has multiple market-ready banking products to help Northwest credit unions, including FAQ, Personal Financial Management (PFM), Customer Support, and Rewards Optimization.

“Abe AI’s goal is to provide credit unions with market-leading chatbot technology. We want to help credit unions get to market quickly with a platform that reduces costs, increases engagement and, most importantly, supports financial wellness for their members,” said Abe AI Co-founder and CEO Rob Guilfoyle.

The Abe AI product enables members to keep track of their budgets, spending, and other financial needs when it’s convenient for them, and through their preferred conversational interface. The product gives members access to additional and more convenient channels of communication to address commonly asked questions, such as branch information and account balance, thereby reducing call volume to a branch or call center.

This partnership is part of Strategic Link’s betaSpace program, which connects credit unions with fintech innovators looking to bring emerging technology to the financial industry.

“We are constantly looking to match our credit unions and their members with relevant and useful cutting-edge technology,” said NWCUA’s Vice President of Strategic Resources Jason Smith. “Conversational banking is a burgeoning area of the digital transformation for credit unions to engage their members. Abe AI is a voice and messaging-based platform we consider a valuable asset for credit unions to remain competitive.”

AI is transforming the financial services industry. With it, Northwest credit unions can take advantage of this technology to grow their membership into the next generation.

Click here to register for Abe AI’s webinar, “Getting Started With Artificial Intelligence.”

Questions about NWCUA’s partnership with Abe AI? Contact Jason Smith, Northwest Credit Union Association’s Vice President, Strategic Resources, at

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