CU Solutions Group Offers ADA Compliance Preparation Service


Earlier this year, NWCUA’s Strategic Link partner, CU Solutions Group (CUSG), launched its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) preparation auditing for credit union websites. ADA compliance regulations are due for full publication in 2018, but with accessibility-related lawsuits already occurring at an alarming rate, CU Solutions Group is committed to protecting proactive credit unions from potential threats.

The ADA regulations are designed to ensure that content on business websites is fully accessible to people with disabilities. The blind, for example, depend on a website’s compatibility with text-to-speech software or text-to-brail hardware, which requires special coding from developers.

Credit unions who are unsure of their accessibility status likely remain inaccessible in at least some areas, creating a potentially serious risk, even before the formal release of ADA compliance details.

“CU Solutions Group is dedicated to the protection of credit unions,” said CUSG CEO Dave Adams. “Part of our mission to help credit unions serve, grow, and remain strong is to keep a watchful eye on potential risks, and to provide solutions before those risks bring any damage. CUSG has made preparation for the new regulations as smooth as possible.”

CU Solutions Group offers general ADA compliance preparation audits for preexisting websites, as well as website development services that include ADA audits as part of the development process.

To request a quote for an ADA website audit, credit unions can contact

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