Believe in CULAC This Holiday Season


As the season of giving begins, we’d like to thank you for your generous support of credit union advocacy, and encourage you to keep that spirit alive as we enter the final month to achieve Northwest states’ ambitious CULAC goals for 2017.

The Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC), plays a large part in strengthening the Credit Union Movement’s influence on Capitol Hill by supporting political candidates who understand and promote credit union values.

“CULAC contributes to candidates who understand the credit union difference,” said Debie Keesee, President and CEO of Spokane Media FCU. “And isn’t understanding and supporting the credit union difference what all of us do daily to help our members? Making a donation to CULAC ensures that we can continue to support the candidates who recognize that.”

From January through the end of October this year, Northwest credit unions contributed more than $200,000 to CULAC. Idaho’s credit unions have raised more than $12,220, Oregon’s credit unions have raised more than $118,830, and Washington’s credit unions have raised more than $69,623. Click here for details on each state’s contributions and goals.

“I encourage my peers to keep up the great work supporting CULAC and credit unions’ core values,” said Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn, President and CEO of Central Willamette Community Credit Union.

In the past month, Northwest credit unions’ efforts to support CULAC included participating in your Association’s CULAC mini-golf booth at the MAXX conference. In just under three days, participants raised more than $6,000 for CULAC.

This holiday season, we encourage you and your teams to participate in another effort to help Idaho, Oregon, and Washington reach their CULAC goals.

For every $20 an individual contributes to CULAC, they will receive one entry to win a Golden Ticket trip to CUNA GAC for themselves or a teammate, valued at $2,000.

Click here for the full rules and to enter.

We believe we can count on you to contribute to CULAC and demonstrate the strength of our region’s Credit Union Movement once again.

Questions about CULAC or how to get more involved in grassroots advocacy efforts? Contact Will Hagen, Grassroots Advocacy Manager, at 206.340.4790 or

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