Registration for Emerging Leaders 2018 Is Now Open


Each year, the Northwest Credit Union Association and the DDJ Myers Advancing Leadership Institute team up to offer Emerging Leaders, a program that helps credit union professionals develop the leadership skills necessary to address the biggest challenges credit unions face today.

We’re thrilled to announce that registration for the 2018 program is now open!

The Emerging Leaders Program guides credit union professionals through project work designed to accelerate their professional growth. The program involves three separate three-day training sessions, focusing on strategic visioning, delivering powerful assessments, coordination and accountability models, and the power of a well-grounded leadership presence.

During these training sessions, participants collaborate with industry colleagues and build strong, often lifelong professional relationships with peers from other credit unions. Participants also receive executive level coaching and mentoring sessions between training sessions. By the final week of the course, each participant presents a Leadership Project, applying their new skills to support their credit union and community.

Identifying Potential Participants at Your Credit Union

Seeking to nurture leaders within its organization, Verity Credit Union began incorporating the Emerging Leaders Program into its formal leadership development program. When selecting staff to attend Emerging Leaders, Verity targets early career, up-and-coming managers who are in their first leadership role, or have the potential to achieve a leadership role in the next few years. The credit union calls upon its managers and supervisors to nominate outstanding employees on their team.

“The purpose behind this nomination process is to help identify those who are ready for the leadership track, and also to help managers have those leadership development conversations with the people they supervise,” explained Angela Lowe, Director of HR & Training at Verity Credit Union. “This formalized process helps us see who is hungry for this opportunity and pick the right person.”

The nominees then write an essay about what they’re going to gain from the experience. To select the top candidates, a selection committee reads the essays and consults with those familiar with person’s performance to discuss their future potential.

Verity sent two employees to participate in the Emerging Leaders Program in 2017. “This year, both of the people who attended the program fought to go. They put in the hard work and have grown tremendously through the program,” Lowe said. “Hopefully in the next six to 18 months, both will be in management positions. In addition to their professional growth, they’ve also developed projects that have already added value at Verity.”

Lowe also valued the insight the program gave into participating employees’ journeys. “One of the things I really appreciated about this year’s program was that the coach really connected with us, talking about the program and how we can best support our participants as they worked through it,” she said. “It allowed us, as managers, to see not only what they were working on, but also how we could help develop them as leaders.”

Attend the Program Tuition-Free

NWCUA’s Strategic Link is proud to sponsor the 2018 Emerging Leadership Scholarship Contest, which will award one candidate tuition-free registration to the 2018 Emerging Leaders Program.

Nominations for the scholarship are open through Jan. 25, 2018, to any credit union employee with leadership aspirations. Click here for contest details.

Click here to see more details about the 2018 program, and to register today.

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