Planning Your Credit Union’s Growth


External growth is a powerful tool for any organization, and it can be the fastest way to grow a credit union.

The Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link has launched a partnership that will provide Northwest credit unions with special access to services designed to help them discover and navigate growth strategies, including collaborations, joint ventures, partnerships, and alliances. The new partner is Capstone Strategic, Inc., a firm with a successful track record facilitating strategic growth programs for credit unions and deals for CUSOs, as well as for companies in the for-profit world.

“We are excited about our partnership with NWCUA. Through our collaboration, we can further our mission of helping credit unions grow,” said John Dearing, Partner and Managing Director at Capstone.

In addition to its advisory services, Capstone provides educational resources for credit union leaders and boards through presentations, workshops, webinars, and articles.

“John and Capstone Strategic provide excellent growth advice, corporate development, and other industry aligning services relevant to NWCUA member credit unions. We are excited to introduce these experienced professionals to our innovative credit unions looking for a solid strategy partner,” said Jason Smith, NWCUA’s Vice President, Strategic Resources.

Capstone is distinguished by its years of successful transactions, its Roadmap approach to external growth, and team of advisors, analysts and researchers. The Roadmap approach has three phases – Build the Foundations, Build the Relationship, and Build the Deal – which encompass the entire external growth process, including initial strategic development, market research, prioritization of options, contacting partners, valuation, negotiation assistance, and deal execution.

Questions about Strategic Link’s partnership with Capstone Strategic, Inc.? Contact Jason Smith, Northwest Credit Union Association’s Vice President, Strategic Resources, at

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