Northwest YP Network Launches at MAXX


The future of credit union talent was a hot topic at this year’s intensely future-focused MAXX convention, and an issue that gained the spotlight with the launch of Northwest Young Professionals Network.

Your Association joined forces with regional YP groups to create this new microcommunity, which gives talented young credit union professionals the chance to grow in their careers and unite their efforts to advance the Credit Union Movement.

Through a highly competitive application process, a group of 18 young credit union professionals — six from each state — earned the YP Lead distinction and the chance to attend MAXX.

“The addition of YP Leads to this year’s MAXX brought a special energy to the convention,” said Carmen Vigil, NWCUA’s Community Manager. “We are so thankful to the credit unions of the 2017 YP Leads for supporting this group of future leaders. Working with regional YP groups — including CLIMB Idaho, YCUP Portland, YCUP Seattle, and the Spokane Chapter — the YP Leads are poised to make a splash in their communities throughout 2018 and beyond.”

At MAXX, the YP Leads not only helped define the direction for the Northwest YP Network, but also increased their connections to and knowledge of the larger credit union community.

They also assumed a number of responsibilities at the convention, including setting up and guiding the giveback project for the Northwest Credit Union Foundation’s breakfast, working the “putt-putt” booth to support CULAC, helping kick off the #CUobsessed movement by distributing t-shirts, engaging with vendors at the Trade Show, volunteering at the Run for the Roses auction, and participating in the Advocacy Lunch.

In addition to these volunteer activities, the YP Leads participated in educational sessions designed to develop their professional skillsets and help them contribute to the betterment of their credit unions.

“I have more confidence in myself personally and professionally,” said YP Lead Mary Vasquez, Community Advocate at Point West CU. “I learned to really speak my mind, and that every question is important because there can be others who have the same questions as you.”

They also met regularly to discuss what they were learning, and held a post-MAXX meeting on Thursday morning.

The YP Leads’ leadership journeys and involvement in the development of the Northwest YP Network will continue beyond MAXX.

YP Lead Rebekah Schroeter, Member Consultant at Verity CU, described her hopes for how future activities through the Network could create positive momentum for the Northwest Credit Union Movement. “I would love to be more involved in advocating for CULAC and the NWCUA in general because, at least at our credit union, a lot of young professionals don’t have a good grasp on what they do,” she said. “We have so much power when it comes to advocating for change, and I think it could start with the tellers, and trickle through our organization and with our membership.”

YP Lead Sam Jensen, Lead Video Financial Solutions Specialist at Pioneer FCU, echoed this desire to share his enthusiasm for the Movement. “I enjoyed spending time with everyone I met while at MAXX and cannot wait to take the energy and passion post-MAXX to bring about change, development, and advocacy to my members, my league, my credit union, and the Pacific Northwest.”

For more information about how to get involved with the Northwest Young Professionals Network, contact NWCUA’s Community Manager Carmen Vigil at or at 206.340.4817.

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