Icon Credit Union Celebrates Legacy Members


Connie Miller, CEO of Icon Credit Union, addresses the gathering.

In 1952, a group of seven Idaho Department of Highway employees pooled their money — a total of $35 — to form a credit union in Boise that reflected their values of integrity, service, and community. It didn’t take long for dozens of other highway workers and their families to follow them through the front doors and join Idahy Federal Credit Union, called Icon Credit Union today.

Many of those members remain loyal, looking back on their three-digit membership numbers and modest first loans with fondness, while celebrating the modern credit union that has emerged from those roots. Following mergers with Boise U.S. Federal Credit Union, Sho-Pan Hi Federal Credit Union, and others, the credit union now protects nearly $300 million in financial assets owned by about 25,000 members.

Icon’s team held an appreciation party on Nov. 3 for legacy members who joined 50 or more years ago. More than 60 people turned out to share their stories, including Lloyd Bell, one of the founding members.

“I came down to Idaho and got my first loan,” said one of the legacy members. “It was on a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 fastback, which was special to me, and in fact, I just bought another one this month.” (Those wheels would have sold new in 1968 for about $4,000. As a collector’s item today, the model could easily fetch more than $20,000.)

Another member told of being newly married to a highway worker, and getting a call from the credit union that a much-needed dividend had been deposited into their account.

Members said they treasure their memories of the early days, when everything was done in person during a visit to the branch. They all agreed that while Icon has grown and modernized to exceed members’ expectations — for example, Icon now features 24/7 online and mobile banking options, an ATM system networked with thousands of other locations across the county, mobile deposit capability, and financial planning resources — the great local service continues.

“We are trying to keep up with all the technology our younger generation wants,” said Connie Miller, CEO of Icon Credit Union. But, Miller says, the credit union will never forget its roots or its legacy members. “We will never lose sight of all of you, because all of you are what made us.”

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