Credit Union Obsession Begins With TEAM


At MAXX this year, attendees were asked to think big and consider what would happen if each of the Northwest’s 20,000-plus credit union employees became obsessed with the Northwest Credit Union Movement.

To help member credit unions answer this call to action, your Association rolled out a new program called The Employee Activation Movement (TEAM), and developed an advocacy toolkit. Announced at MAXX, TEAM provides key messaging documents and resources that help credit union employees articulate the credit union difference.

“Employees know they love their credit union, but they don’t all know how to talk about it if you were to put a member of Congress or an elected official in the room,” explained NWCUA’s AVP, Advocacy, Samantha Beeler.

“TEAM is designed to excite staff about the movement they’re part of, and educate them about how credit unions came to be and why their grassroots engagement is so important to members,” she said. “We hope employees can say, ‘I’m not just part of a nine-to-five, I’m part of something bigger.’”

Why join TEAM?

Getting your employees engaged in TEAM will not only boost credit union advocacy efforts across the region, but also will directly benefit your credit union.

As the competition to attract and retain talent intensifies across all industries, organizations are beginning to make employee satisfaction a priority. Feeling connected to meaningful work is central to job satisfaction, and TEAM can help your employees realize they are making valuable contributions to a greater cause.

Joining TEAM also will help you transform your members into more passionate fans of your credit union. When your staff understands the credit union difference, they are better able to explain it to members, who also can become credit union advocates.

In addition, credit union employees who can articulate the credit union difference are more likely to engage in credit union advocacy, which is critical to ensuring your credit union can continue to serve your members, and to the overall health of the credit union industry.

How does TEAM work?

To get started, member credit unions should contact Beeler. Beeler and the advocacy team will guide your credit union through the following process, helping you ramp up advocacy engagement in three simple steps:

  1. The NWCUA will provide your credit union with customized educational and activation messages to use with your employees.
  2. You will share those messages internally to help employees become active credit union advocates.
  3. To help your credit union continue to build on and improve its advocacy communications, the NWCUA will share your TEAM Engagement Report, and help you prepare your next message.

Questions about TEAM? Contact Beeler at or (503) 412-8705.

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