How to Make Every Transaction an Opportunity to Recruit Loyal Members


Invite Allison Clarke into your credit union to guide your next strategic planning session, to help you drive cultural change, or to strategize about deepening member relationships. We guarantee you, she’ll mix things up a bit. And her homework starts well before the big day.

Clarke is a “secret shopper,” and you’ll never know when she will make an incognito visit to one of your branches, dial up your call center, or test drive your mobile apps. She often catches the teams doing things right, and always comes into your credit union feeling the culture as a result.

Her point is that every transaction is an opportunity.

“You are a billboard for your credit union. Own your brand,” Clarke says. “Everywhere you go is an opportunity to find new members. Break through on why your credit union is different, and you’ll help members through positive relationships.”

Clarke is now part of Consultant’s Link, a suite of experts available to Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) members. She spent 16 years as a Top 25 Master Trainer for the Dale Carnegie Corporation before launching her consulting business. Clarke’s clients have included Nike, FredMeyer, Intel, and many credit unions since she wowed attendees to the Northwest Credit Union Association’s annual conventions in 2014 and 2015. She earned designation from the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional — a designation only about 12 percent of the world’s public speakers have.

The secret shopping is but one example of the out-of-the box approaches Clarke takes to getting to know the businesses she helps. She once attended 30 funerals in 60 days, to learn about human connection, and performed her own daily random acts of kindness for more than two years. This reminded her of how we never know what others are going through, and how one simple gesture of kindness can make someone’s day, or change their life forever.

“People do business with people they like and trust,” she noted. “So for credit unions to be successful they have to be tuned into people skills. Remember the power within yourself and connect on the human level.”

Leadership and appreciation of those “soft skills” are common threads that often define the most successful businesses, according to Clarke.

Clarke’s keynotes and workshops are known for their high energy and interactive engagement.

“Allison opened our conference with rousing success,” noted Larry Middleman, President and CEO of the CU Business Group. “She immediately energized the audience and the interaction carried over to make the event a much bigger success. I was amazed at the immense learning we accomplished in a short, one-hour session.”

As many fans as Clarke has won over during her work with credit unions, she’s become a fan of the Movement herself. She looks forward to working with the Northwest Credit Union Association’s members.

“I love the energy and transparency,” she says. “You can tell the people really enjoy what they do, and they make such a difference in their communities.”

Editor’s note:  Through her partnership in Consultant’s Link, Allison Clarke can customize keynote addresses and interactive workshops depending on your credit union’s needs. To connect with Allison, contact Strategic Link at (206) 340.4789.

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