NCUA Announces Recipients of More Than $1.8 Million in Grants


After receiving applications from 328 credit unions, NCUA’s Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives announced it will distribute a total of approximately $1.8 million to help 251 low-income credit unions across the nation to expand their services, train their staff, and improve security.

Among the credit unions that received these funds were 18 credit unions in the Northwest, which will receive a total of $140,195, or about 7.6 percent of the overall grant dollars awarded.

NCUA’s Community Development Revolving Loan Fund grants open countless doors for credit unions serving low-income communities. In the most recent round, the NCUA awarded grants in three initiative areas:

  • Digital services and security: the NCUA awarded 151 grants, totaling $1,065,395, to help credit unions expand financial access to underserved communities through digital products and to help credit unions do a better job of protecting members’ information.
  • Leadership development: the NCUA awarded 57 grants, totaling $504,190, to help credit unions provide leadership training to staff.
  • Small low-income credit union capacity: the NCUA awarded 43 grants, totaling $283,500, to help credit unions improve technology systems and enhance their capacity to serve low-income members.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen to receive these grant funds,” said Trisha Baker, President and CEO of Lewis Clark Credit Union. The credit union received a Leadership Development grant. “LCCU will plan on utilizing the funds in two ways. We will hire a business consultant to assist the branch managers with their business development and Credit Union Movement involvement, providing training to the branch managers and helping them create a plan for their branch footprint. Secondly, we will bring in a strategic planning facilitator to aid management and the board of directors in developing and executing a five-year plan for the credit union. Our goals include continuing to build exceptional member service, improving our operational efficiency, and ensuring the safety and soundness of LCCU.”

Following is a list of the 2017 grant awardees in the Northwest. The full list of grantees is available on NCUA’s OSCUI grants information page.

  • Lewis Clark, Leadership Development
  • Beehive, Digital Services and Security
  • Pocatello Simplot, Digital Services and Security
  • Consolidated, Digital Services and Security
  • NW Priority, Digital Services and Security
  • Trailhead, Digital Services and Security
  • United Advantage NW, Leadership Development
  • Linn-CO, Digital Services and Security
  • Northwest Community, Digital Services and Security
  • Oregon State, Digital Services and Security
  • Cutting Edge, Leadership Development
  • Providence, Digital Services and Security
  • Mint Valley, Digital Services and Security
  • Calcoe, Digital Services and Security
  • PrimeSource, Leadership Development
  • Longshore, Small LICU Capacity
  • EvergreenDIRECT, Leadership Development
  • Rainier, Digital Services and Security

Questions about the NCUA’s OSCUI grant opportunities? Contact John Trull, NWCUA’s AVP, Regulatory Advocacy, at 503.350.2209 or

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