Is Your Credit Union Prepared for Your CEO’s Retirement?


Nearly 50 percent of CEOs are expected to retire in the next ten years. Are you ready for what that could mean for your credit union?

If you haven’t prepared a CEO Succession Plan, or have a CEO Succession Plan, but aren’t sure if it contains all the elements it should, NWCUA’s Strategic Link partner, Yvonne Evers, has designed a solution to help you through the development process.

Evers is the founder and CEO of SUCCESSIONapp, LLC, a provider of online CEO and director succession planning solutions, as well as executive coaching and board governance facilitation and training in the credit union industry. She has successfully worked with hundreds of credit unions over the past 25 years, offering her expertise to CEOs and boards to help them ensure smooth and successful transitions.

“Yvonne Evers and her SUCCESSION methodology has proven to be the key to our board’s transition from letting vacancies happen to proactively and strategically planning for them to happen,” said Larry Hoff, former CEO of Fibre Federal. “Yvonne was able to walk our board through the difficult but important initial planning stages while guiding us toward the ultimate goal of a fully functioning Succession Plan. Without reservation, I’d highly recommend Yvonne Evers to your board should they recognize a need for quality succession planning.”

Evers will host a free, live webinar on Wednesday, September 20 at 11:00 a.m. central time, to explain:

  • Why credit unions need a CEO succession plan.
  • The elements of a good succession plan, including the three critical elements that most often are missing.
  • How to create a CEO succession plan that:
    • Simplifies the succession process
    • Produces qualified successors ready to lead
    • Reassures the board of directors by providing a plan of action for future CEO transitions

Click here to register for the Sept. 20 webinar. Even if you can’t make the call, all registrants will receive access to the recording.

Questions about our Strategic Link partnerships? Contact Kaitlin Ramos, NWCUA’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, at or 503.350.2208.

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