The Opportunities and Challenges of Serving MSBs


As a result of “de-risking” by large national banks, many money-service businesses (MSBs) across the country have found themselves without bank accounts. For Northwest credit unions looking to meet the unique needs of MSBs and efficiently address the challenges that come with serving them, our Strategic Link partnership with Hypur offers a solution.

Hypur’s banking and payment technology helps you safely and profitably serve MSBs by simplifying due diligence and ongoing compliance activities, automating required reporting, and increasing transaction transparency.

Looking to learn more about serving MSBs and how Hypur’s technology can help? In a webinar on July 11, Hypur will dive into the current regulatory environment for banking MSBs, how the Hypur technology automates manual processes associated with serving MSBs, and the significant revenue opportunities in partnering with Hypur to serve the MSB market.

Click here to sign up for the webinar. To find out more and connect with Hypur as a possible solution for your members, contact Jason Smith, Vice President, Strategic Resources, at

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