First Tech Federal Credit Union to Bring 900 Jobs to Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro is situated in the “Silicon Forest” in Washington County. The city of 100,000 is home to Oregon’s largest employer, Intel, to North America’s largest solar cell manufacturer, and to a host of other high tech companies. It’s only fitting that First Tech would build the new “heart” of its credit union there.

On May 8, shovels broke ground to begin construction of a massive facility that will house 650 employees, with room to grow to 900, by the time it opens in June 2018. And it’ll only get bigger.

“The heart of First Tech,” said President and CEO Greg Mitchell, “has been in Beaverton and in Mountain View, California, and now in Hillsboro. We anticipate that about five years from now, we’ll break ground on the second building, which will house another thousand employees. We hope we become an engine for growth in this community, and contribute to its future success.”

“As you add hundreds and hundreds of jobs, and millions and millions in payroll, that multiplier effect will have a huge impact throughout our city, and throughout our community,” said Hillsboro Mayor Steve Calloway.

Founded 55 years ago by seven high tech employees in Beaverton, Oregon, the credit union now has 425,000 members who live in every state, and in 20 countries.

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