Clearing Up Cloud Myths

There has been a lot of talk about the cloud lately, and much of it is not accurate. As Xerex Bueno, CTO of CUProdigy writes, “When you ask 10 different people what the cloud is, you get 10 different answers.”

So, what is the cloud, and why should your credit union consider it? Simply put, the cloud is a tool that can make your credit union’s IT more secure, efficient and organized.

Following are answers disproving some of the most common misconceptions about the cloud.

  1. Your data isn’t just “floating around somewhere.”

    Your credit union data is stored in a data center, often hundreds of miles from your credit union. In CUProdigy’s case, there are two tier 3 data centers – one in Denver and one in Utah. Both store copies of your cloud data for redundancy.

  2. You don’t have to share your cloud with dozens, or hundreds, of other companies.

    Because CUProdigy is a  Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), they only allow credit unions and credit union-related companies to use their cloud. This creates a secure environment involving only companies you can trust.

  3. You don’t have to move everything to the cloud.

    Some credit unions move all their IT systems to the cloud, but others pick and choose what they want to store there. For example, you could choose to place only your email server on the cloud.

  4. You still have unlimited access to your data if you move it to the cloud.

    CUProdigy doesn’t take control of your data – it still belongs to you. They focus on ensuring your data is available and protected through backup and replication technologies. CUProdigy provides an enterprise-grade platform to keep your data accessible to you and your members.

  5. The cloud is safe if you use the right company.

    CUProdigy has made significant investments into security platforms that protect your most sensitive information. This type of investment is not typical with most cloud providers, but it is another credit union-centric feature that CUProdigy understands as a CUSO. You have the capacity to increase your security by using the cloud, as it offers data protection that might otherwise be too costly and difficult to manage.

The bottom line when considering cloud solutions is to do your research and find a company that is trustworthy, reliable and credit-union-centric. For more information on cloud services, please contact Craig Reed, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Northwest Credit Union Association,, or CU Service Network at 720.945.7250 or



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