Nate Clayville Joins NWCUA Team as VP, Legislative Affairs in Idaho

Clayville brings a wealth of economic and business experience to Gem State advocacy.

Nate Clayville, a Middleton, Idaho native and Boise State University graduate, is a seasoned economist who has worked at nearly all levels of government including the US Department of Energy ‘s Pacific National Laboratory, and the State of Idaho’s Division of Financial Management.

Clayville will be based in Boise.

Nate Clayville, Vice President, Legislative Affairs

“Nate is a leader who recognizes the potential of cooperative finance and will work directly and fiercely with credit unions to protect and advance the cooperative credit union model,” said Troy Stang, NWCUA/ICUL President & CEO. “We’re excited to pair his expertise with the entire NWCUA team to work with Idaho credit unions to enhance the advocacy efforts, services, and resources available to them.”

In the new role, Clayville will join the League’s team in collaborating with credit unions and the Idaho Governmental Affairs Committee to effectively advocate credit union interests before Idaho State legislators and executive personnel. He will lead strategies and development of policy priorities beneficial to Idaho credit unions and their nearly 750,000 consumer members. Clayville will also execute campaign and election strategies to elect and retain credit-union friendly candidates in Idaho.

“I have been a big fan of credit unions since I opened my first account at my local credit union at the age of 15,” Clayville noted. “As a teenager, it was a special experience to walk into my credit union to deposit my small paycheck from my first job, and to be greeted by name. It made me feel like I was as important as the mayor.”

Clayville’s passion for credit unions has never wavered since his teen years, and in fact grew during his years of government service.

“I have only become more fascinated by credit unions as I have worked as an economist for the federal and state governments,” he said. “I saw the tangible relief that credit unions provided to consumers during the Great Recession and throughout the subsequent recovery. It is scary to think of how much further our country could have fallen if not for the prudent, yet compassionate, choices made by credit unions before, during, and following the recession. I am proud to represent this wonderful industry in the Gem State!”

Idaho credit union professionals who are interested in engaging in planning Idaho’s policy advancement agenda should contact Clayville or Jennifer Wagner, NWCUA SVP/Advocacy.