A Coin Toss, A Credit Union, and Cheers

Greg Frichette hails from Pasco, Washington. His wife, Shae is from South Carolina. A coin toss brought them back to Greg’s home state. We’re not making this up.

“When we decided to have a family, we said well, let’s flip a coin,” Greg recalls. “Heads was Washington State. Tails was South Carolina. It came up heads.”

Greg & Shae Frichette

The couple opened Frichette Winery in Benton City, Washington in 2013.  When they needed a financial services partner, they chose a credit union—hands down.

For Greg and Shae, Richland, Washington-based Gesa Credit Union was “the one.”

“Credit unions feel more personable, and have the ability to build a high level of trust with members quickly,” said Shae. “Gesa staff answers questions before we even ask them. They are knowledgeable about how small businesses work, and what’s most important to them.”

Knowing the credit union has their backs allows Greg and Shae to focus on what’s most important to their customers – delivering smooth, critically acclaimed Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and the signature, Red Mountain Blend.

In case you’re wondering, there is a direct correlation between credit unions and vino.

“Fine wine,” Shae says, “is classic, can be enjoyed now or later, and never goes out of style. Credit unions, like fine wine, are always relevant and have a way of making things better.”

Editor’s note:  Check out Frichette’s videos and blog articles online, or better yet, visit for a tasting. Stop at a credit union ATM on the way—you’ll want to take some home.

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