NWCUA Board of Directors Nominating Committee Named

The composition of the Nominating Committee consists of one NWCUA Board member and a group of non-Board member CEOs.

Debie Keesee, President/CEO of Spokane Media Federal Credit Union and a current NWCUA Board member, will serve as Chair. Other committee members include:

  • Bill Anderson, President/CEO, Mid Oregon CU;
  • Bob Corwin, CEO, Advantis CU;
  • Tom Johnson, President/CEO, STCU; and
  • Carlyn Roy, CEO, TAPCO CU.

The NWCUA’s at-large governance model enables best-qualified candidates to run for election regardless of their credit union’s asset size or geographical location.

State and federal charters, rural/metro locations, geography, and asset size are all characteristics of diversity that the Nominating Committee will consider.

More information on the Board election process is scheduled in coming weeks.

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