Special Advocacy Update CUNA GAC – Week of February 27, 2017

The key theme of our agenda this week is that the current regulatory structure isn’t working for America’s credit union members. It’s created a rigged system in favor of the large banks that can afford to comply with the regulations coming out of Washington. Local member-owned credit unions know their members better than Washington. It’s time for the CFPB and other regulators to focus on Wall Street and get out of the way of Main Street.

We have a great line up of congressional and regulatory speakers ready to address the conference this week, including the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, among many others. We also have a fantastic slate of breakout sessions today and tomorrow that will dive deeper into many of our key agenda items.

While you are here, Congress will be in session, with the House and Senate meeting Tuesday night in a joint session for the purposes of receiving a presidential address. While we don’t know what the president will tell Congress on Tuesday night, he’s expected to lay out his legislative agenda for the year. So, be sure to attend the general session on Wednesday to hear Jim Nussle and me talk about what the president’s message means for our agenda.

As you prepare for your Hill Visits on Wednesday afternoon, make sure you have the latest briefing materials which can be found here. And, if you have any questions regarding your visits or our agenda, please be in touch with your League’s Governmental Affairs Professionals or the CUNA Advocacy staff at the CUNA booths in the exhibit hall and on the L Street Bridge.

Thank you so much for being a part of the credit union system’s advocacy efforts. I am proud to lead a team of passionate advocates helping to make sure credit unions are able to continue to bring to market safe and affordable financial service products for America’s 105 Million credit union members.

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