Solarity CU Celebrates the Opening of Pilot Engagement Center in Yakima

Solarity Credit Union recently opened its pilot Engagement Center on Nob Hill Boulevard in Yakima, Washington. The concept allows Solarity’s Guides to focus on the needs of members at the new location by leveraging the latest advances in smart banking technology to build relationships.

In 2017, the behaviors of financial services customers are rapidly changing. They wish to enjoy more sophisticated levels of knowledge, expertise, and engagement—whether face to face or via state of the art technology. As members and consumers transition to digital banking, the need for more “typical” branches is decreasing. The financial industry is continuing to see the closure of branches due to this change.

According to The Financial Brand, the percentage of consumers doing their banking online increased significantly from 2012 to 2015, but has now begun to plateau. Early adopters like Millennials, have been converted, but the goal now is to help transition members that frequent their local branch to the digital world of banking. To provide their members with the digital tools they need, Solarity Credit Union designed their Engagement Center to be a transformational experience for both new and existing members through interaction—not transactions.

As the financial industry and banking landscape changes and develops, Solarity’s early adoption of the “smart branch” business model has evolved to meet the needs of its growing number of customers.

Engagement Center Guides (ECGs) are on hand to help customers to learn about and simplify every process with ease and confidence. The EGCs are highly skilled, service-minded Solarity employees dedicated to providing a full-service experience for both members and everyone else who enters the space. The enthusiastic staff assembled are trained in all aspects of the organization as well as conversationally competent in areas like mortgages and business.

The idea behind the new location is to allow the ECGs to educate members on how best to use new technology to complete transactions through Smart ATMs, mobile deposits, and so much more.  Solarity’s objective for the innovative Engagement Center is to develop a prototype that can be used in different markets to act as a channel for taking the interaction with members beyond the typical banking transaction.

“Solarity’s Engagement Center is our response to changing member demands for deeper and more meaningful relationships and value enhanced by skills and the latest technology. Our highly trained ECGs are prepared to deliver extraordinary experiences and exceptional value,” explained Ralph Cumbee, Solarity’s Chief Experience Officer. “The strategic use of technology will further enrich the interaction. It is Solarity’s goal to be the best financial institution our members and potential members can have.”

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