NWCUA at NCU-ISAO: Taking the Next Step for Cybersecurity

Last month, your Association’s Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Katie Clark, trekked to Florida for the inaugural tech meeting of the NCU-ISAO—or National Credit Union Information Sharing and Analysis Organization.

This was the next step in connecting Northwest credit unions to regulatory and compliance solutions. It brought together industry professionals from credit unions, government agencies, and service providers for three days of discussion on various cybersecurity topics and the importance of organizations like the NCU-ISAO.

Information sharing and analysis organizations, or ISAOs, are a key component to combatting the multitude of cybersecurity threats that credit unions face each day. ISAOs allow private and public sector entities to share information about various threats, trends, effective controls, best practices, and other types of analysis and metrics.

“We consider the event to have been a tremendous success, and were excited to see credit unions, affiliates, and regulators from across the country represented, engaged with a common interest in making credit unions safer through cybersecurity related information sharing,” said Brian Hinze, VP, Member Services at NCU-ISAO.

Presenters at the conference included presentations from various law enforcement agencies, Michael A. Echols, and Tim Segerson, Deputy Director of the NCUA’s Office of Examination and Insurance.

Echols, CEO of the International Association of Certified ISAOs, discussed the creation of ISAOs and their importance within the cybersecurity landscape, and how important the NCU-ISAO will be to credit unions in terms of information sharing and collaboration.

Tim Segerson joined the group to discuss the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT). Segerson discussed how the CAT will be used during credit union examinations and encouraged credit unions that have completed the CAT to share it with examiners.

Credit unions are encouraged to use information sharing organizations like NCU-ISAO to help enhance their cybersecurity efforts. Sharing information on threats and best practices benefits the entire industry, so the more participation the better.

If you would like to learn more about NCU-ISAO, you can visit their website or contact Brian Hinze at 813.431.1221.
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