Credit Union Cybersecurity: One Step at a Time

For every day a credit union’s system and member data is protected, another holds the potential for an intrusion. That’s where sharing information makes it easier, and safer to navigate for credit unions.

There are various ways that institutions can participate in the information sharing. Local and federal law enforcement agencies, FSISAC (information sharing system), industry leaders, and networking are all avenues that can be used to gain and share valuable information.

However, this can also lead to information overload as some of the information shared within the various platforms available may be not pertain to credit unions. Recognizing the need for credit union specific information and tools, a collaborative partnership was created to form the National Credit Union Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (NCU-ISAO).

One step your Association is taking to stay on top of cybersecurity issues and resources is by attending the inaugural tech conference hosted by the NCU-ISAO, or National Credit Union Information Sharing and Analysis Organization.

NCU-ISAO is dedicated to providing information, tools, and resources designed specifically for credit unions and their unique needs.

The conference will be held from January 31 through February 2, and will feature presentations from industry leaders, an incident response table-top exercise, and the rollout of the new Credit Union Cyber Security Specialist Certificate program (CCSS). And in case you weren’t already interested, the conference is at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Your Association’s Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Katie Clark, will be attending the inaugural tech meeting of the NCU-ISAO and would love to see other Northwest credit union professionals in attendance!

You can learn more about the conference and the NCU-ISAO here.

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