Introducing Your Weekly Briefing: NWCUA at a Glimpse, Every Week

Your Association recently debuted a homepage makeover designed to target content delivery to your specific interests, location, and industry focus. What does that mean?

Weekly Briefing for January 13.

For example, we realize that marketers in Idaho are better served by hearing about the upcoming Spectrum Marketing Awards, Oregon compliance experts are looking for the latest FBI cyber security sessions, and Washington advocates are gearing up for CU Day at the Capitol in Olympia. By self-selecting your categories, you can adapt to the updates you receive.

This also means a much smaller flow of email traffic coming to your inbox, with that week’s critical actions, from upcoming events, regulatory comment calls, legislative action requests, and more, bundled and shared in the Weekly Briefing. The Weekly Briefing, which replaces the Anthem Recap, differs from the Anthem newsletter in that it includes a more comprehensive, action-oriented look at your Association.

“This gives you the chance to see what is pertinent to you and your credit union, and take action on the most critical items,” added Rodger O’Connor, NWCUA Director of Marketing. “Every week we connect you with information most relevant to you, on a personalized dashboard.”

Items on your dashboard are sorted two ways: by date, and by color, with red as most critical, followed by yellow, and green.

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