Connect With CU Peer Groups in 2017 Through Councils

Your Association features a wide menu of options to connect with colleagues throughout the year. Councils offer one of the more direct ways to convene with professionals of a similar discipline. Whether you’re a compliance professional, lender, trainer or marketer, Councils offer an immediate avenue to collective action.

“Credit unions see similar challenges, and we know that solutions won’t be found alone, in a vacuum. Councils are a great way to meet other professionals working on the same issues, to find solutions together,” said Carmen Vigil, NWCUA Community Manager.

As the Credit Union Movement progresses, Councils adapt. Take the new Commercial Services Council, beginning in 2017 after the growing discussion around programs like member business lending.

“Members saw a need, and came together to socialize best practices together,” Vigil added.

Additional Council membership options are also new for 2017. Based on feedback from members, Individual and Credit Union memberships are available. Those interested in learning more about the two, or looking for an overview of how many Councils your credit union attended in 2016, can reach Carmen Vigil for more information.

With the Strategic Management Alliance with the Idaho Credit Union League now underway, Council options in Boise, Lewiston, and Pocatello are available, as well, projecting the full scope of resources for more than 180 credit unions in the Northwest Movement.

“When (NWCUA President and CEO) Troy Stang made the call for credit unions to reach for 75 percent market share by 2025, connecting credit union colleagues in any way possible was a central tactic,” Vigil said. “Councils are a clear option to grow our collective knowledge.”

Click here for a full list of 2017 Councils, descriptions, membership options, and dates.

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