NWCUA, ICUL Officially Kick Off Two-Year Strategic Management Alliance


This week begins a two year Strategic Management Alliance where Idaho credit unions will enjoy the full suite of products and services available to NWCUA members.

When NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang spoke from the MAXX stage in October, he professed excitement at the future of a Northwest Credit Union Movement that now includes professionals from Idaho.

“We are a stronger Northwest Movement because of this three-state collaboration,” Stang said. “Sharing efficiencies and resources builds strength for the Movement and ultimately, that will result in better service for nearly six million consumers in the region who belong to a credit union.”

The Alliance honors the rich history of credit unions in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, while leveraging scale across the three states. The region-wide Credit Union Movement collaboration is being demonstrated at its finest through the Alliance, which provides executive leadership, professional development, compliance, regulatory and advocacy support to member credit unions of both the NWCUA and ICUL.

It follows earlier collaborative partnerships between NWCUA and ICUL, including a three-year agreement to jointly host the annual MAXX Convention beginning in October, 2017. ICUL member credit unions also participated in 2015, in some NWCUA Councils via video conferencing.

NWCUA efficiencies available to Idaho credit unions include a full array of member-facing professional development events, Councils, 24/7/365 compliance resources, regulatory affairs, and public relations support. Idaho credit union professionals will participate in a new region-wide committee and Task Force structure.

Kent Oram, ICUL Board Chair and CEO of Idaho Central Credit Union, echoed Stang’s comments, celebrating the collaboration as a “cornerstone” of the Credit Union Movement.

“This collaboration empowers one community of credit unions to enhance the value and impact that nearly six million of their members enjoy,” he said when the Alliance was announced.

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