Updated Story: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers “Energized” to Stay in Congress

This story has been updated. President-elect Trump has since nominated Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke to lead the Department of Interior.

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It has been reported that President-elect Donald Trump has selected Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to serve as Secretary of the Interior. Though no announcement has been made by the transition team, multiple outlets have reported on the news.

McMorris Rodgers is the fourth most senior member of the House leadership, and was just re-elected to her post as Republican Conference Chair.

The process for selecting, and eventually electing, a replacement depends largely on timing, according to a recent story in the Spokesman Review.

According to the report, Governor Jay Inslee can appoint someone to a vacant Senate seat, but a House seat stays vacant until a replacement is elected.

If a House member resigns by March 7, the Governor would call a special election. Candidates would file for office and a primary would be held at least 70 days later, with a general election at least 70 days after that, with additional possibilities as reported.

“Washington credit unions enjoy working with Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers, and would miss her engagement in Congress if she were to accept the position. However, they stand ready to connect with the process for a potential replacement,” said Samantha Beeler, Director of Grassroots Advocacy for NWCUA.

Beeler added that while the transition hasn’t made any official statements, and many names have been floated for the position, it has been reported that Trump was very impressed by the Congresswoman during their November 20 meeting.

The Department of the Interior is charged with the management and conservation of federally-owned land and administers programs relating to Native American tribes.

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