Northwest CU Election Recap: Behind the Ballots

When the 115th Congress gavels into session in 2017, it will include 29 new credit union champions. Those were part of a wave of credit union-supported candidates, with 96 percent of CULAC-supported candidates and incumbents elected.

The Northwest delegation added Congresswoman-elect, and credit union friend, Pramila Jayapal of Seattle’s 7th District.

“These results are tremendous and showcase the great working relationship we have with all members of our Northwest Congressional delegation,” said Samantha Beeler, NWCUA Director of Grassroots Advocacy. “It is also important to thank all of the key contacts and advocates that helped us raise and deliver these funds and the grassroots support they provided for our credit union champions, we couldn’t do it without such each and every one of our credit union leaders.”

As a result of the outcome Tuesday, significant movement is expected on credit unions’ regulatory relief agenda, as described by CUNA President and CEO Jim Nussle Wednesday morning.

“Each year America’s credit unions face upward of $7 billion in excessive regulatory burden, which results in over $70 a year being taken from the pockets of every single credit union member in America,” Nussle wrote, adding that easing the regulatory burden on members continues to be CUNA’s number one priority.

96 percent of credit union-supported candidates elected nationally

According to CUNA, together, the CUNA/League system and CULAC raised and contributed nearly $6 million to help elect 360 candidates that credit unions supported for the House and Senate.

Nearly three-dozen credit unions joined CUNA and six state Leagues in partisan communication campaigns, where more than 200,000 households with registered credit union member-voters received more than 1.1 million mailers touting the benefits of electing credit union-backed congressional candidates in their states or districts.

CULAC this year became the fifth-largest trade association PAC in the United States and the ninth largest overall, an accomplishment only matched by the PAC’s commitment to bipartisanship, as CULAC contributed 51 percent of funds to Republican candidates and 49 percent to Democratic candidates.

“These strategic investments, particularly in tight races, demonstrate that credit unions can, and do, make a critical difference in the outcome of congressional races,” Nussle added.

Idaho results

Heading into the two-year strategic management alliance with the Idaho Credit Union League, Your Government Affairs team monitored results in Idaho, and shared the excitement following results in Washington and Oregon, congratulating Senator Mike Crapo, and Reps. Raul Labrador, and Mike Simpson on their re-elections.

CUNA releases post-election white paper

Beginning a conversation on credit union advocacy in 2017 and beyond, CUNA released a primer on what credit union advocates can reasonably expect in Washington, DC. Aside from strong indications from the incoming Administration at rolling back or repealing Dodd-Frank, the CUNA-League system will continue to push for regulatory relief that negatively impact their members.

Read the entire report here.

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